Tips for Laying Limestone Floor Tiles Tips for Laying Limestone Floor Tiles

Limestone floor tiles are ideal for bathrooms and kitchen floors. They come in various colors to suit the theme of any household. When laying them, some tips will come in handy if you want a perfect job done:

The Surface should be Clean

It is advisable to sweep the area, especially when installing on a surface that has been in use for a long time. If the stone particles are not removed, they will uneven the flooring laid and provide leakage points for water and other fluids. They will also lead to misuse of more materials.

Cut the Edges

In most cases, the walls may not be straight and the limestone floor tiles may require cutting for compatibility with the walls. The easy way is to lay them first in order to calculate the area that needs cutting in order to minimize wastage.

Maintain Symmetry

The limestone floor tiles should be placed along straight lines for even flooring or there will be uncovered corners in the room. This is possible by working with small sections, thus avoiding doing repeat jobs on large surfaces in the house. In case there is a pattern that is expected, they can be laid in that order before fixing them onto the surface.

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