Tips for Laying Marble Tile Countertops Tips for Laying Marble Tile Countertops

Tile countertops are extremely popular in both marble and granite. While granite is a more durable, marble will add value to your home. On the downside, marble is expensive to install. You can do the job yourself to cut labor costs, leaving you with only the cost of materials.

Work on an Even Surface

If your surface is uneven then when the tiles are laid they will be uneven too. Sanding down an uneven surface and removing old nails will make laying the tiles a quicker and easier job.

Work on a Dry Surface

It is important to lay the tiles on a dry surface to ensure that you have enough tiles to complete the job. When purchasing the tiles, you may want to buy a few extra in case of breakage, as you do not want to have to run to the shop mid-job.

Color of Grout

When choosing the color of your grout, most people stick with the same hue but experiment with the shade. If you choose to contrast your grouting to your tiles then this can really make the countertop “pop.”

Use Thicker Slabs

Marble is a brittle material, so if your budget allows it, opt for thicker slabs of marble rather than the thinner slaps. This may add an initial cost, but it will reduce the risk of breakage while laying the tile countertops or having to replace tiles later on.

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