Tips for Leveling Garden Stepping Stone Pathways

A garden stepping stone is a great way to add a new look to your garden. Aside from their aesthetic effects, garden stepping stone pathways also pave the way in your garden as you view different flowering plants without the nuisance of dirtying your shoes. What’s more, your guests will have a lovely time touring your flower garden. But make sure that your stepping stones are leveled to avoid any untoward accidents. Here are some tips to make a leveled stepping stone pathway.

Tip #1:  Add Some Sand

As you dig a hole for your stepping stone, dig least 2 inches deeper than you should, in order to have some extra space where you can put your sand. Placing sand underneath the stepping stone will allow the sand to conform to the irregularities of the stone shape, giving you a leveled stone pathway. Aside from this, after a rain shower, the sand easily absorbs the water, resulting in less mud which will affect the level of the stepping stone.

Tip #2:  Leveling the Ground

Before you place your stepping stone on the dugout ground, ensure that you have leveled the ground properly. You can do this by pushing down on the ground with a heavy yet flat stone or with the use of a tamper.