Tips for Lubricating a Furnace Blower Motor


If you have a furnace blower, then you may have occasion to lubricate the furnace blower motor. The motor works the blower. It is vitally important to ensuring that the furnace works. Properly maintaining the blower motor keeps it from seizing-up or not working correctly. It is one way to prevent a large repair bill when the furnace breaks down.

Opening the Furnace Blower

The furnace blower typically comes as one unit, so you will have to remove all of it from the furnace before you can reach the motor. Check that you have turned off the power supply to the furnace.
Reach inside and remove the furnace blower. It will need to be unscrewed from the wall and detached from the pilot assembly. When you have done so, lift out the blower. You should be able to locate the furnace blower motor easily enough.

Lubricate Carefully

The furnace blower motor is going to be working in very hot conditions, so the type of lubricant you use is important. Do not use any flammable lubricant, such as oil. Instead, you might look for a particular brand of lubrication which is right for your motor. A sales associate at a local home improvement store should be able to make a recommendation.