Tips for Lubricating Sway Bar Bushings

Sway bar bushings are parts of the steering and drive train that reduce the amount of noise that comes from the road. They also make cornering much easier and absorb shock from the ground so it does not transfer into the steering column. They are located at the front of the vehicle. Keeping the sway bar bushings maintained through lubricating them is essential for them to continue working.

Mark Wheel Location

Before removing the sway bar to lubricate the bushings you will need to mark the position of the wheels. Turn the wheels all the way across the sway bar bushings and scratch a mark in the bracket. This will make the installation of the sway bar much easier.

Lubricate with Silicone

There are many different types of lubricants on the market today. The best type for sway bar bushings is an all purpose silicone lubricant.

Remove Bushings from Sway Bar

Lubricating the sway bar bushings should be done with them removed from the sway bar itself. Place the bar in a vice so you can remove it easier.

Line Up Split Edge Before Installing

Once the sway bar bushings are lubricated, line up the split edge of the bushing with the front of the vehicle. This will ensure that you are able to replace the bar without any problems.