Tips for Maintaining a Flocked Christmas Tree

A flocked Christmas tree can add a beautiful touch to your home during the Christmas season. However, flocking a live tree and giving it that "snowed-on" look can dry the tree quicker than not flocking the tree. If you choose to flock, be sure to follow some important tips for maintaining your flocked tree.

Keep Away from Pets and Children

Your flocked Christmas tree will make a mess if jostled. Pets and kids should stay away from the tree, so they don't cause the flocking to fall off or ingest it.

Keep the Tree Watered

Since your flocked Christmas tree will get drier more quickly than other trees, you should make sure it's adequately watered. You can only properly water the tree if the needles aren't fully flocked, so try to keep the flocking light.

Minimize Exposure to Heat Sources

A flocked tree is even more of a fire hazard than a regular live tree, because of the increased dryness. That's why it's especially important that you keep the tree away from fire and heat sources. Don't light candles near the tree and keep it away from the fireplace and heating vents.

If you want to use lights on the tree, use miniature lights and don't overload the tree. The smaller the lights, the less heat they'll give off.