Tips for Maintaining a Rip Saw Blade

A rip saw is used for many different home repair projects. The rip saw can be used to cut trim pieces, hardwood flooring, vinyl siding and even PVC pipe. As with any type of power tool, the rip saw should be well maintained in order to continue operating effectively. This is also important for the rip saw blade. Here are a few tips to help maintain the rip saw blade for accurate cuts. 

Clean it after Every Use

One of the worse things to do with your rip saw blade is to let it sit with a bunch of sawdust, residue, or other particles on it. This can begin to eat away at the metal of the blade and cause it to rust much faster. It will also dull the saw blade quicker if you try to operate it with these particles and dust on it. Clean the blade each time you use it for better blade health.

Oil Blade Occassionally

Wipe down the rip saw blade with some light oil on occasion to keep it from rusting. This is important if the blade is stored in a garage, basement or outside utility shed where moisture can be a problem. 

Use Blade Guard

Another way that rip saw blades are damaged is through contact with other hard surfaces. Keep a blade guard around the blade if it is not being used or in storage.