Tips for Maintaining Aluminum Storm Windows Tips for Maintaining Aluminum Storm Windows

An aluminum storm window can become difficult to open over time. Dirt and debris can cause the window frame to stick. There are some simple and easy steps that you can take to maintain the windows and keep them opening smoothly.

Cleaning the Window Channels

Use a stiff brush or a small vacuum attachment to remove dirt and debris from the window channels. This should be done regularly. Apply a spray silicone lubricant to prevent any corrosion from developing.

Lubricating the Window Locks

Spray a penetrating lubricant on the spring locks of the window. This will prevent you from having difficulty locking or unlocking the windows.

Cleaning the Window Frames

Combine a mild liquid detergent with warm water to make a cleaning solution. Apply the solution to the window frame with a soft brush. Scrub the frames carefully. Rinse the solution with clear water.

Protecting the Window Frames

Use car wax to protect the window frames. Apply the wax to the aluminum. Use a soft, lint free cloth to buff the frames until they shine.

Removing Mildew

Pour a quart of bleach into a bucket. Slowly and carefully add a third of a cup of laundry detergent with two thirds of a cup of trisodium phosphate and three quarts of water. Carefully mix the contents in the bucket. Use the soft bristle brush to apply the solution to the frame exterior. Rinse the solution with clear water.

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