Tips for Maintaining Your Block Plane

A block plane is a tool that is used mainly in woodworking to level off and smooth rough and uneven parts. As with any other tool, it is important to maintain your block plane to ensure that it lasts long and produces the best results. Follow the maintenance tips below to keep your block plane in the best condition.

Regular Checking

It is important to make sure to regularly inspect your block plane, ideally after each use. Check each part carefully for signs of dirt or wear and tear. Any parts that have cracks or similar damages should be replaced.

Blow Compressed Air

A good way to clean up your block plane easily is to blow compressed air through it whenever you use it. The air will remove any dust and dirt residues which could undermine its performance.

The Blade

Maintaining the blade is an important part of the maintenance process. The blade may have developed nicks or burrs. In such cases, make sure to grind down those parts. While doing so, it is crucial to cool the blade from time to time. Use a grinder to do this, and for best results, sharpen it at the end against a lubricated fine-grit sharpening stone.