Tips for Making Perfect Wallboard Cuts Tips for Making Perfect Wallboard Cuts

Wallboard can be a difficult material to install in a room. The cuts needed to install the board around plumbing and electrical systems make the installation problematic. The cutting job can be made easier by following some simple steps.

Preparing the Wallboard

Bring the wallboard into the room where you are working rest is against an adjacent wall. If necessary, cut the wallboard to the size you will need for the installation.

Marking the Wallboard

Use a brightly colored lipstick to mark the area. Use the lipstick to line the edge of any electrical boxes that you will need to make room for on your wallboard. Continue lining any other areas where a cut will be made. Position your wallboard in the proper position against the wall where you will install it. Gently press the board against the electrical box. Remove the wallboard from the wall and place it against the adjacent wall. You will find the electrical box imprint on the wallboard.

Cutting the Wallboard

Use your utility knife to cut the marked box shape out of the wallboard. Be sure to cut on the outside of the lipstick line. Position the wallboard up against the installation wall. The board will fit perfectly over the electrical box. 

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