Tips for Making Wooden Window Valances Tips for Making Wooden Window Valances

Wooden window valances add charm and character to a room’s interior design. The wooden valances can be made in their regular boxed form or a shaped design can be crafted to bring out any décor in the room. The shaped designs are used widely in children’s rooms. A child’s room has tons of choices for novelty designs. The boxed design is simple and easy for a master bedroom. You will need to at least have basic knowledge of wood working to do this project.   

Making a Shaped Design

If it is a shaped design that is desired for the wooden window valance, make sure the measurement of the frame is drawn on the plywood before drawing your shape over it. Your design will need to extend beyond the frame also. Base the design choice on the style of your home, your lifestyle, your décor style and definitely your window size and shape. Your window type and any moldings or odd layouts need to be considered before you even work on the appearance of the valance. You may also want to consider insulation issues as some valances are made to help keep heat or gain heat that may come through the window. All of these considerations will become easy as you find the shaped design and style that works for you. 

Painting or Finishing the Wood Valance

When painting the wood valance, use colors that compliment or are similar to the room. It is better to paint the bottom edge of the front piece of the wood firs and then the inside and side pieces. Let the paint dry before applying the second coat. Instead of painting, another option is to use wall paper. This can take a little more time to cut and fit. Follow the packaging instructions on how to wet or secure the wall paper. Start on the left hand side and lay the wall paper along the sides and fronts. Use a damp sponge to smooth it down and let it dry. There is no real need to put wall paper on the top since it will not be seen, but this is optional. 

Curved Valances

Usually wooden valances are straight (boxed). To open up space, a good idea will be to create a wooden valance with a soft curve or arch. This especially looks good in the kitchen over a sink. This can be made by using a box pleated wooden valance with a curved line along the bottom. A London Shade can be purchased that is just about flat at the top but will fall from inverted pleats into soft swags at the bottom. 

Wooden Valance with Crown Molding

Another good idea for a wooden window valance is to add crown molding around the top of it to give it a ‘built in’ appearance. The wooden valance will have to be painted the same colors or tones as the walls. Optionally, the wooden valance can be upholstered with fabric or wall paper.

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