Tips for Mounting Eye Bolts Into a Wall

When there is the need to hang something from a wall or a ceiling with wire or a hook, eye bolts are the best option for the job. These bolts have a pointy, threaded tip with an eye or a loop at the working end. They are used for a variety of applications from hanging a plant from the ceiling to anchoring a book shelf to the wall. Eye bolts are very easy to use and should be available in your DIY home improvement toolbox. If you are not familiar with the use of eye bolts, here is a short informational guide to mounting them in a wall.

Drill Small Pilot Hole

Because the eye bolt does have a pointed tip, it is much easier to get them started into the wall with the use of a pilot hole. The pilot hole does not need to be large, just big enough for the tip to get a grip of the wall material. 

Keep Straight

One of the hardest parts of mounting an eye bolt is keeping it straight. When screwing the tip of the bolt into the wall, keep pressure on the eye portion of it and push straight in. Try to keep your hand and arm level with the bolt so you do not pull it one way or the other.

Mount Flush

There is usually a small flange at the top of the threaded portion of the shank. Screw the eye bolts until the flange rests flush on the wall.