Tips for Mounting Wood Turning Blanks on a Wood Lathe

For those who wish to practice turning wood before you embark on a big project, then wood turning blanks would be the ideal solution. There are a number of different ways in which you can add these blanks to your wood lathe. The wooden blocks can be mounted on a lathe using either a jam or a glue chuck. Using wood turning blanks often occurs at the center of the lathe, and you can use these parts to fit the blank.


These are the easiest places to start fitting your wood turning blanks. Center the blanks onto the faceplate, and then secure it with some screws. Large, sharp screws are the best for positioning the wood, although you should take care, as an out-of-balance blank can be dangerous.


The main place where wood blanks are turned is in the moving center. Here, you need to positon a drive onto the headstock, and then position this onto the blank, holding it in place on the other side with the tailstock.

Press Mounting

Another way of fitting the mounting bowls is to place the blank onto a faceplate, and then press it down using the tailstock. The friction of the two moving parts will allow you to turn the blank accurately.