Tips for Moving Landscaping Boulders

Landscaping boulders come in all shapes, sizes and materials. To prevent obvious damage to a boulder use nylon slings to lift or drag them.

Moving Large Boulders a Short Distance

One of the main problems with moving large boulders is getting them to stop when you want them to. Build a temporary wall of rocks and soil in the position you want the boulder to end up. Use a system of levers to move the boulder or try to drag it with a small tractor.

Prevent Damage to the Ground Surface

If the landscaping rock will be dragged across a piece of ground that doesn’t have a natural capacity to heal itself use heavy baulks of timber to build a road way for the boulder.

Use of a Crane

If you can get a small crane to the area this could be the simple solution. Many large boulders will be outside the safe lifting range of some small cranes so make sure you choose the right size for your boulders.

The inertia that holds large boulders in place needs to be understood before you try to move them. In most cases, moving a large boulder is not something the average house holder can do safely without professional help.