Tips for Operating an Air Rivet Gun

An air rivet gun is used to install rivets to machinery in order to fasten metal. Airplanes, cranes and other large machines are all put together with an air rivet gun. If you are someone that enjoys working with metal, then owning an air rivet gun is certainly a tool that can help your work. The following information will share with you several operating tips for the air rivet gun.

1. Read the Book

Even though rivet guns look the same and do the same function, they may work differently. Always read the instruction book that came with the rivet gun you purchased prior to using it.

2. Practice

The old adage is practice makes perfect, and that also applies to riveting. Grab scraps of spare metal and use the air rivet gun to connect them together. This will save you a lot of time, money and metal when working with the sheet metal you actually intend to work with.

3. Positioning

When you are using the air rivet gun, you have to place the neck into the head. Place the rivet in one of the drilled holes and press it firmly. When you use the air rivet gun, it will kick back to your, so using pressure is important.

4. Tightening

The rivet air gun will drive the rivet through the metal connecting it to another piece, but that does not always create a strong connection. Use a ball peen hammer and strike each rivet in order to tighten them in the metal.

5. Safety

A rivet gun is a very powerful tool that requires strength to use it without hurting yourself. Always wear protective glasses to protect against recoil and possible rivet or metal fragmentation. A safety jacket as well as heavy work gloves is also important to wear. If you are using an air rivet gun with other people in the area, they should also wear some sort of protective clothing. Long hair should be tied back, and avoid wearing clothing that drapes on you. Do not wear any type of jewelry when using the rivet gun. Another important safety precaution is never use the rivet gun around anything flammable or explosive. Also avoid using one near heaters and fireplaces.

6. Maintenance and Repair

It's important to keep the rivet gun in full operating condition. Never attempt to do this yourself, as it is a delicate tool. There are professionals who make a living maintaining and repairing rivet guns. Oiling and tightening the fasteners of the rivet gun are simple things you can do to increase the life and productivity of the tool

7. Firing

Under no circumstances should you ever point the rivet gun at yourself of someone else even if the air rivet gun is removed from its power source. Air can be trapped in the hose, which can still cause the rivet gun to fire. Also be mindful of your hands when operating the tool.

8. Storage

Keep the rivet gun in a dry place. If you have children, make sure the rivet gun is stored in a lockable cabinet.