Tips for Painting a Vaulted Ceiling

Painting your vaulted ceiling can seem to be a challenging DIY project, but it is actually simple with enough preparation and the correct materials. Choosing a slightly lighter or darker paint color for your vaulted ceiling can noticeably change the lighting effect in the room, making it an easy way to revamp it without changing furniture or anything else.

Scaffolding or Ladder 

Before beginning, check that you can comfortably reach the vaulted ceiling from your ladder. You should be able to easily paint the ceiling without reaching beyond the ladder support. If you own a shorter ladder, taller ones can be rented from most hardware stores. If your vaulted ceiling is still higher than can be reached with a tall ladder, it is a good idea to rent scaffolding from a paint supplier. Familiarize yourself with using it before doing any painting, and follow all safety measures.

Paint the Edges

Apply painter's tape to the edges where the wall and ceiling meet, and then paint this area first. If you have molding you do not want painted, cover this with painter's tape as well. While painting the edges, determine how many coats of paint you need. 2 coats is a good rule of thumb, though some darker paint colors may require 3 coats. Make sure not to load your brushes with excess paint; this will prevent drips and splatters.