Tips for Painting After Stucco Repair

Stucco repair projects can be difficult at best due to the need to match the overall appearance, despite the initial ease of application. After the stucco repair job has been completed you will want to paint it so that it matches the rest of the stucco on the wall. This in and of itself can be a difficult process due to the raised and random nature of stucco. Certain painting methods can actually damage stucco, necessitating another repair job. The tips below will help you paint your stucco repair job successfully.

Timing is Everything

Never rush painting the stucco repair site. Doing so can damage the stucco. Allow the stucco to set completely until it's hard to the touch like stone. This will indicate not only that the stucco is dry and ready to be painted but also that it has adhered to the stucco around it.

Choose the Right Paint

A stucco repair job often looks bad due to the coloring of the repaired areas not matching the rest of the wall. To prevent this from happening always use paint that has been formulated to work with stucco. The wrong paint can eat away at the stucco. It should also be high quality paint and acrylic-latex if at all possible. This paint adheres perfectly to stucco.

High-Wind Precaution

Due to the surface texture of the stucco it can be damaged due to high winds. If you live in an area that is prone to damaging winds then a different paint selection is needed. It is called “elastomeric” and is safe for your stucco repair work but also protects it from high winds. It also provides protection if you have issues with your substrate, so settling of the house will not readily affect the stucco. As the name applies elastomeric has a little give to it so it can expand and snap back as winds or settling occurs.

Brush Types

You have to be very careful when painting your stucco repair area because using the wrong brush can ruin all of that work. Never use a brush that is stiff or unnatural. It is a good rule of thumb to use a completely natural paintbrush made from horse hair or some other organic hair. You can also use sponge brushes because they are soft. Never use a paint roller.

Paint Sprayer

If your stucco repair job covers a large area, you may want to avoid brushes altogether in favor of a paint sprayer. Paint sprayers are safe to use on stucco and can cover large areas quickly while penetrating the rough texture of the stucco.