Tips for Painting Chair Spindles

If you're planning to paint any of your chairs, you're probably aware that painting chair spindles can be a bit tricky. However, you'll be pleased to learn that, with a few handy tips at your disposal, you can successfully paint your spindles in a timely and stress-free fashion.

Dust and Sand the Spindles

One of the most important tips for painting chairs spindles is to make sure the spindles have been properly dusted and sanded before applying the paint. To dust your spindles, run a lightly dampened washcloth or paper towel up and down each one to remove all dust. Next, use a sheet of low-grit sandpaper to smooth the spindles, as this will ensure that your paint is able to easily adhere. Lastly, follow up with one more washcloth wiping to get rid of any dust caused by the sanding.

Use the Proper Type of Paint Roller

When applying paint to chair spindles, it is important that you use the proper type of painting tool—namely, a curved paint roller. This tool is specifically designed to paint spindle-like fixtures and will result in less runoff and paint drips than a traditional brush or roller. You will, however, be required to use a very small paintbrush to apply paint to certain areas of your spindles such as the tops and bottoms where there isn't enough room to maneuver the curved roller.