Tips for Painting Over Vinyl Window Cladding Tips for Painting Over Vinyl Window Cladding

Vinyl window cladding is used as a finish with the exterior vinyl siding. Many times a homeowner installs the window cladding to go along with the other color of the siding. When the siding has been changed, or has been painted over, you can easily paint the vinyl window cladding rather than having to purchase new. Here are some tips to successfully paint over the window cladding:

Scuff Up Cladding

Vinyl cladding is not a porous item. This means that the primer and paint will not adhere to it good enough for it to stay for any length of time. Scour the cladding with a 220 grit sandpaper. This will not damage the cladding, but will create some tiny scratches where the primer is able to bond.

Apply Latex Primer

Before attempting any coats of paint, it is important to use a latex primer. Use a brush that is made specifically for latex paint and apply a thick coating. Allow this coating of primer to dry at least 8 hours before applying paint.

Thin Paint before Use

For a smooth look to the window cladding after the paint has been applied, pour an ounce of water into the acrylic latex paint for each gallon of paint. Stir the paint for five full minutes before using it. Apply at least two coats of paint to the window cladding.

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