Tips for Painting Scissor Trusses

Scissor trusses are used in homes and buildings that have vaulted ceilings. In these types of construction, scissor trusses are often seen. For this reason you may want to stain or paint them. Painting and staining scissor trusses come with some interesting issues due to how they are built. The article below will share with you several tips on how to paint scissor trusses to get a great finished product.

Right Tools

Painting scissor trusses requires using the correct tools in order to do it evenly without making a mess. You will have to get up close to the trusses so you will need a ladder. You also want to maintain brush control which is best done using a natural brush.


When you begin to paint the scissor trusses always do so in the main sections and stop when you get to where they connect to the beams. You will then want to go in with a foam or natural brush and then dab the paint on to the remaining areas.


Scissor trusses are prone to collecting a lot of dust. It is important to clean them prior to painting so that the paint will properly adhere to the wood. After they have been painted; continue dusting them so they do not discolor.