Tips for Painting Vertical Siding

What You'll Need
Paint brush
Exterior paint
Painters tape
Exterior primer
Ladder with leveling feet

Painting the vertical siding of the house is not a hard task, but one needs to be aware of the right technique. This is an important task and must be completed as fresh paint can give a new look to the house and can also increase worth of the house. 

Step 1: Choosing the Paint Combination

Choose a mixture of paint with fungicide to tackle the mildew problem, if your home is situated in a city which has humid climate. If the house is exposed constantly to freezing temperatures, it is better to coat the home by paint which can withstand extreme temperatures.

Step 2: Covering Certain Areas

Use the painter’s tape to cover areas like windows that does not require painting. Remove any equipment or furniture that may come in your way or cover them completely with the tape.

Step 3: Choosing the Appropriate Painting Device

To apply thick coatings make use of the paint roller. Use the paint brush to reach hard-to-reach places like corners and sides. Let the primer settle overnight.

Step 4: Allow Drying

Each day, try to paint an entire wall and allow the paint to settle overnight. Remove the applied painter tapes only after 24 hours. Replace the removed wall hangings, hardware, and equipment after three days time. Apply another coat of paint if required once the first coating has completely dried.