Tips for Planning to Build Your New Basement Bathroom

Many people construct basement bathrooms in order to expand the living space of their households. The most important thing is having everything planned appropriately. Building a new bathroom in the basement enhances both the appearance and usefulness of your basement. It also gives it a more finished look.

Calling a Builder

Call a builder to com help you plan all aspects of your new basement bathroom. It is best to consider the builder's recommendations before starting any construction work. It is also important to make a rough draft for plumbing because you may need to create a way to transfer the sewage in an upward direction in case the sewer lines are located at a higher level than the basement.

Creating a Bathroom Layout

During the planning process, draw a layout of the new basement bathroom. Make sure that the drawing includes precise details of your new basement bathroom. Such a layout will be helpful in the future. You can use the layout as a guideline when you install the drainpipes after the framing the walls, and you can avoid using a jack hammer to break the concrete to install the pipes. Keep in mind that planning your new basement bathroom will help you save a lot of money. If you do not plan everything out, and do not make a layout beforehand, the construction expense may increase.

Deciding Between a Bathtub and Shower

An important decision that you also have to make is whether you want a bathtub or a shower in your new basement bathroom. People usually prefer installing showers in a basement bathroom because a basement is cold due to its underground location. If you decide to install a bath instead of a shower, take into consideration any ways to best heat up the room to make it more comfortable. Remember that the heating the basement was probably not included in the original house plan.

Planning the Toilet Installation

When planning where to install the toilet in a new basement bathroom, there are usually 2 options. The first is an easy but costly installation, which requires plumbing to be located above the floor. The other option is cheaper, but requires that you to excavate a small space. Excavation is more work, it costs less money and makes a more attractive finished product.

Planning to Install Lights and Mirrors

A new bathroom is not complete if it has no mirrors or light fixtures. There are several types of lights and mirrors from which to choose. Many people to prefer recessed lighting. Install 2 large mirrors to create the impression that the room is larger than its actual size.