Tips for Planting a Double Knockout Rose Garden

Very few things are as beautiful as a rose garden in full bloom. A knockout rose garden is a wonderful addition to any home. This breed of rose was only introduced only a few years ago by a rose breeder. Another version of this plant was later introduced in 2004 and is known as double knockout rose. This rose plant is hardy, disease resistant and extremely beautiful. If you want to plant a double knockout rose garden, here are some tips to help you.

  • Ensure that your garden or the place you select for growing double knockout roses gets full sun.
  • The soil you use to plant the double knockout roses must be well-drained and organically rich. This plant also prefers a more acidic type of soil.
  • It is best to leave spaces of about 3 feet between the rose bushes, as they spread out quite a bit when grown.
  • Mixing organic material like peat moss, manure or pine bark mulch into the soil is a good idea. Mulching also helps the plant to retain water.
  • Watering double knockout rose plants well is important. Remember to add more soil if the plant appears to be sinking.