Tips for Polishing Granite Countertop Edges Tips for Polishing Granite Countertop Edges

It is important to polish granite countertop edges in order to get the finish that you desire. However, it is not as simple as spraying on a little polish with a dusting cloth as you would with a wooden surface. Once the surface has been polished, you must steal it to keep your desired finish looking fresher for longer.

Using a Sander

It is recommended that you use a grit sandpaper with the 120 or 150 count, and run it over the edges to smooth them down. It is wise to use a sander or place a block of wood inside the sandpaper as using your hands can create finger grooves in the area you are sanding. To create a smoother finish to the granite countertop edges increase your sandpaper count.

Cleaning and Washing

It is important to ensure that the edging is clean so that the sanding process can be done smoothly. You can use a mild detergent and wipe over the edging and leave to dry thoroughly before starting with the polishing process. Also, between each stage of polishing, the granite countertop edges should be washed and allowed to dry.


To polish the granite, you will need a polishing and a granite sealing compound. The granite sealing should only be used after the polishing compound has been washed and dried completely. This will ensure that effect of polish lasts longer.

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