Tips for Polishing Teak Wood

If your home's teak wood furniture or siding has recently fallen victim to mold, mildew or excessive dirt, you may be curious about how to polish it. Below are some invaluable tips for making teak wood shine.

Use a Teak Protectant

Before proceeding to polish teak wood, it is important that you treat the wood with a teak protectant, such as Natural SEM or Gold Teak Oil. These protectants should be vigorously rubbed onto the wood with the aid of a washcloth.

Use a Homemade Polish

To make a highly effective teak polish, simply combine warm water with a mild laundry detergent and bleach. Pour this mixture into an empty spray bottle and thoroughly apply it to your teak. Next, use a bristle brush to rub the teak in a back-and-forth fashion. For best results, you should repeat this process several times. Once the wood has been sufficiently polished, use a hose to rinse away all remaining traces of polish.

Dry Your Teak

Although teak wood tends to be fairly water resistant, it is advised that you dry the freshly polished and rinsed teak with a nonabrasive washcloth shortly after the rinsing has taken place. This will help prevent the formation of mildew-causing moisture on the wood.