Tips for Pouring Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is an ideal construction material for your driveway or patio. Exposed aggregate concrete has a unique texture that is also durable, making it perfect for various home improvement projects. Below are the tips on how to pour aggregate concrete.

Pour Gravel

Pour at least 6 inches of gravel at the base layer of your concrete form. The gravel will serve as a foundation for the aggregate. Spread the gravel evenly on the base layer using a shovel or a rake.

Smooth Out the Surface

As you pour concrete mix into the concrete forms, spread the concrete mix evenly on the form using a hoe or a trowel. Do not pour the concrete mix all the way to the top of the concrete form, but instead, leave at least a half an inch gap between the top of the concrete form and the surface of your poured concrete. This is to give space to the aggregates later in the process.

Spread the Gravel Evenly

As you pour layers of gravel on the wet concrete, make sure that the pea-sized gravel are spread evenly on the surface of the wet concrete. To do this, use a stiff broom and sweep the gravel across the concrete form in one direction to distribute until the gravel is distributed evenly. Use a wood plank to press down on the gravel and sink it into the wet concrete. Do not use too much force. Wait for two hours to allow the concrete to dry and then set the aggregate firmly into the concrete by driving a lawnmower on the dry surface of your newly constructed exposed aggregate concrete walkway or patio.