Tips for Preventing Leaks in Corrugated Metal Roofing

If you have some corrugated metal roofing on your home, then you will need to take extra care to prevent leaks. Leaks can start at a distance from the hole in the roof, and tracking them down can be a waste of your time. Preventing these leaks is the only good way to ensure that your corrugated metal roofing doesn't start allowing water through to your ceilings.

Check for Dirt

The first starting point for a developing leak is dirt. People don't realize that dirt is not only creating a seal around the area of the roof, but allowing water to penetrate through. Because dirt can build up slowly, it can seep into vertical gaps between the corrugated metal roof, pulling the seal, and water accumulation, through with it. Stop dirt by cleaning your roof regularly.

Check the Angle of the Roof

If you have painted your roof for several years without stripping off the old paint, then you may have altered the pitch, or angle, of the roof. This can cause water to build up in some areas, and to stream down in other parts, both of which can affect the seal of your roof. In order to prevent this, clean off paint before you add a fresh layer.