Tips For Propagating Asters Tips For Propagating Asters

Asters can be propagated by either of two methods: from seed or by division. Either way you can increase the number of aster flowers in your garden and have more beautiful flowering plants.

By Division

It is best if you only divide your aster plant every 2 or 3 years. All you need to do is dig out half of the plant leaving the remainder in the ground. Separate the removed clump into two sections and replant. Water well and add some fertilizer to both the original plant and the two new sections to help promote root growth.

By Seeds

Asters can be grown from seeds either in your garden or inside for transplanting at a later time. By propagating inside, you can better control when and where the aster plants are transplanted.

It is best to sow the seeds early in the season. In a seeding tray, place a layer of seeding mix. Add your seeds and cover with a thin layer of seeding soil. Water them well once and cover with a clear plastic wrap to help retain moisture. The seeds germinate and grow quickly. Once the seedlings develop a few leaves, they are ready to be transplanted into pots or directly into your garden.

Depending on the type of asters you are growing, you will need to decide on the spacing. Smaller varieties can be planted 6 to 8 inches apart whereas the larger types should be planted about 2 feet apart.

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