Tips for Pulling a Fifth Wheel Camper Tips for Pulling a Fifth Wheel Camper

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Fifth Wheel Camper

A fifth wheel camper is a favorite among people who like to travel a lot. They are usually the easiest types of campers to pull. Here are some tips to help you take it on the road.

1 - Know What You Can Tow

Before you begin to hook the truck up to the camper you need to make sure you know that your truck is capable of hauling it. This information can usually be found in your truck owner’s manual. You do not want to be half way down the highway and realize that the camper is too heavy for your truck to pull safely.

2 - Make Sure the Hitch Locks

After you hook the truck up to the camper, do not just take off in it. Gently ease the truck into drive and slowly accelerate. Make sure that the camper is coming with you; this means the hitch is locked.

3 – Ready for the Road

After you connect the wires to the camper and the truck make sure that they are properly operating the camper’s lights and brakes. It is important that the brake lights come on when you step on the truck brakes. This is so that those behind you know that you are braking.

4 - Be Careful

It is important to remember that you are pulling a large camper while on the road. Be mindful of the other vehicles traveling around you. Try to keep in mind that you cannot do as much in a truck pulling a fifth wheel camper as you can in your car pulling nothing.

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