Tips for Putting Bamboo Roman Shades Together


Bamboo roman shades give a classic feel to any room and are easy to install. These are also much cheaper than curtaining. For more privacy, you can opt for more, denser packed reeds or slats. Here are some tips for putting together bamboo roman shades.

Some Tips for Putting together Bamboo Roman Shades

  1. Decide on whether you will have an inside or outside mount. This will determine your measurements.

  2. Make sure your measurements are accurate for the width as well as for the length.

  3. Start with the base to work from at the top which you can turn into the valance as part of the shade.

  4. Use thin bamboo slats for easy roll-up or fold-up. These can be wide enough to drill holes in for the cord to go through.

  5. Purchase slats that are already prepared for quick and easy completion.

  6. Purchase enough material to complete the task to save time and also to not interrupt your work unnecessarily.

  7. Pack them closer together for density and privacy and further apart for more light.

  8. Purchase strong cords and twine to, at least, last as long as your shades will.

  9. Work in an area where you do not have to pack up and store anything.

  10. Make sure your work surface is flat for twining your slats.