Tips for Reducing Furnace Duct Noises

If you find that your furnace duct is making noise and is interrupting your day at home then you will need to follow these tips to ensure that your furnace will stop making noise throughout your home.

Correct Installation

The construction of a furnace duct must be properly installed so that the sheets of metal are secure and rigid. You will want to hire a professional subcontractor who knows how to install HVAC so you know all the pieces will be installed correctly. If the sizes of the furnace duct are not the same then the air going through this will start to clang because of the difference in sizes.


To help drown out the noise in the furnace duct you can use fiberglass insulation to cover the inside of the duct to reduce the noise and help in increasing energy through your home.


The air duct silencers are specifically made for helping reduce the air flow noise through its unique design which come in stainless steel and have a range of sizes depending on how large your duct size is.


With the use of installing expansion joints you can help remove the unwanted noise from the duct between the metal plates. These plates would normally move because the joints would not be correctly joined together.