Tips for Removing a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinet

Recessed medicine cabinets make the most of the space in your bathroom. When it's time to replace a recessed medicine cabinet, there are things you can do to make the job go more smoothly.

The Sink

In most cases, recessed medicine cabinets are installed over the bathroom sink. If you drop the cabinet, the mirrored door can shatter on the porcelain, leaving dangerous shards of glass all over the floor and fittings. The cabinet could also crack the sink.

Drape a large, thick towel over the sink to act as a cushion. Place a board large enough to cover the entire sink over the towel. When you pull the cabinet out, you’ll be able to rest it on the board before lowering it to the floor.


If your cabinet has lights, turn off the power at the breaker, then unscrew the bulb in the cabinet. Remove the coverings from the light fixture so you can access the wires. Using a sharp knife, cut the wiring cleanly.