Tips for Removing a Shower Threshold

A shower threshold can turn out to be in a bad condition. It can have mold or grout, and thus you may need to remove it. Here are some tips to help you.

Have the Right Tools

To remove the shower threshold you will need a couple of tools handy. You will need to have a scrubbing brush and a putty knife. You will also need a spray bottle, and some vinegar.

Type of Shower Threshold

There are a couple different places the threshold can be. The threshold is the rubber strip that molds around the shower. It prevents water from splashing into the floor. It can be either in the floor underneath the shower door, or attached to the bottom of the shower.

Shower Door Threshold

The threshold will be difficult to remove if it is on the bottom of the shower door. You may have to remove the shower door. Be careful when you do this and make sure it does not fall over.

Removing the Smell

To remove the rubber from and the smell, take a spray bottle of water and vinegar and spray it onto the area. This will loosen any remaining glue and mildew that you can then remove with the scrubbing brush.