Tips for Removing Galvanized Pipe Fittings

What You'll Need
Safety Glasses
Loosening Agent
Pipe Wrenches

Sometimes you can run into corroded galvanized pipe fittings in your home. This means that the water flow in the pipes is not running properly. You will need to take them off before the problem gets worse. Here is how to remove them so that they can be replaced.

Step 1: Prepare

You will need to first turn off your water supply. Apply the loosening agent onto the fitting you are taking off. This will be where the pipe inserts into the galvanized fitting. Find the other end of the pipe that the corroded galvanized pipe fitting is attached to.

Step 2: Remove the Pipe

After you find where the other end of the pipe is, you need to detach it from the other pipes. Taking your two pipe wrenches, hold the lock with one of the wrenches while you turn the retaining nut with the other. Once you remove the pipe you are ready to cut the fitting off.

Step 3: Cut of Corroded Fitting

You will need a reciprocating saw to remove the end of the pipe that is inserted into the fitting. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses for this step. Gloves are another thing you should have.

Step 4: Remove the Fitting

Holding the fitting with one of the wrenches and the piece of pipe you cut off with the other wrench. Turn to loosen the fitting from the pipe. You might need to use some more of the loosening agent. Keep twisting and loosening until they come apart and the galvanized pipe fitting is free. After the fitting is removed, it can be replaced to restore your water flow.