Tips for Removing Wrinkles in Insulated Curtains

Insulated curtains keep the warmth in your home and prevent drafts from creeping in from gaps in the windows or patio doors. The thickness of the insulated curtains can also prove difficult to clean or iron, owing to their weight. There are methods for keeping your insulated curtains in good order without having to remove them from their rail.


Portable steam cleaners can be used on your curtains while they are hanging. They will not only clean your insulated curtains but also help remove any wrinkles. The steam creates a slight level on dampness which, coupled with the weight of the curtains, will help to pull out wrinkles.

Dry Cleaning

If you do need to remove your insulated curtains in order to wash them and remove wrinkles, the best solution is to have them dry cleaned. Dry cleaning will prevent wrinkles and also prevent the curtains from shrinking if they are made from materials that are prone to losing shape in water.


Any damp spray, such as a fabric freshener will also help get wrinkles out. Spraying the wet the freshener onto the curtains will create a similar effect as steam and any wrinkles will fall out with the weight of the fabric.