Tips for Renting a Wood Chipper

You can rent a home wood chipper, or tractor wood chipper as easily and much less expensively than buying one. Wood chippers can represent a significant investment in a piece of equipment most home owners only use a couple of times a year. Wood chippers are designed to reduce tree limbs and branches to a pile of sawdust and wood chips for mulch and easy disposal. Not only are they potentially dangerous pieces of equipment, they require strict maintenance to operate safely. Renting a chipper will allow you to use a bigger, safer model than you might be willing to purchase. By renting, you can also determine which features you need for your chipping project, and save money by not storing equipment you don't use often.

Tips For Renting a Wood Chipper

  • Tell the rental agent what kind of job you have and ask for recommendations about suggested models
  • Don't rent any equipment where the safety features have been removed, modified or are not working
  • Get a copy of the owner's manual for the model you are renting
  • Ask about any quirks or "tricks" or tips on getting a particular chipper to start, stop etc.
  • Ask to start the chipper in the lot and start it yourself to make sure you know how it works
  • If you've never used a chipper before, watch someone else and ask questions before undertaking a big job
  • Make sure to document the "wear and tear" and condition of the chipper when you pick it up and have the conditions on charges on "damage" clearly spelled out so you aren't charged for damage you didn't cause