Tips for Repainting a Windshield Wiper Arm

As many drivers will no doubt spot, a windshield wiper arm can tend to get weathered very easily. Keeping your wipers looking good is essential for a clear view of the road in wet weather, but not many people take much notice of the arm. Keeping the wiper arms looking neat is also important for your vehicles appearance.

Tip 1 – Preparation is Everything

When you remove the wiper arm to paint it, sand it down with a very fine grit wet dry paper. This will give the primer a good bond and ultimately the paint will sit right on the finished article.

Tip 2 – Priming

Do not brush the primer on, rather, spray it finely until it has sufficient but minimal coating. Use a dark primer like charcoal gray. Spray it evenly and barely coat the arm, so that the primer doesn’t get gloopy and thick between the holes. Avoid drip marks by holding the spray a little further back. Turn over and prime the underside too.

Tip 3 – Painting

When you paint the wiper arm make sure the primer has dried sufficiently. Spray the paint thinly from a distance so that you don’t get drips marks through the arm holes. Spray in even rows and cover the wiper arm before turning it over and painting the underside.

Tip 4 – Top Coat

You can add a fine spray of clear coat to weatherize the wiper arm. It is optional but it will protect the paint from deteriorating.