Tips for Repairing a Stuck Brake Light Switch

A brake light switch is an important piece of your car. When you press on the brake pedal, it strikes a brake light switch, which activates the brake light. If your brake light fails to activate, you can be in danger of getting into an accident or getting a ticket. A brake like switch can become stuck for any number of reasons, but it is also something you can fix. There are a number of tips and tricks you can use when trying to get a brake light switch unstuck. The article that follows will share these tips with you.

Brake Pedal Switch

There is a small switch located on the floor of your vehicle behind the brake pedal. This can become jammed in place due to rust, weather, your hitting the brake pedal too hard or debris getting stuck. Your best bet is to use an LED light so you can see the floor and the brake pedal switch clearly. Inspect the switch for any of these issues. Try pressing the button down with your finger and then attempt moving it around to see if you can get the button to pop up. If the brake pedal switch is not stuck or nothing you do dislodges it, then the problem may be something else entirely.

Brake Lights

Sometimes the brake light switch is not faulty at all, in which case you will want to check the actual brake lights. They can, over time, burn out, as any other light bulbs can. You need to gently pry the brake light cover off of the car and then unscrew the bulb. Purchase another similar bulb, make the replacement and then try the brake again to test the light. If it comes on, then the issue has been corrected. If it does not come on, you can return the light you bought for a refund.


Every car has a fuse box, with most of them located under the dashboard of the driver’s side. Some may be located in the engine box. Consult your car’s manual to determine the exact location of your car’s fuse box. They are typically knee high. Open the fuse box by unclasping the cover and look for fuses that have black in the cylinders or melted center strips. Pull the bad fuses and replace them. If your car’s fuse box is labeled, you can easily find the fuse that handles the brake light switch.

Car Battery

The battery in your car is what provides power for the other systems. Sometimes there may be an issue with the connection of the battery cables. Remove the cables using a wrench and then put them back in place. Restart the car and try the brake lights again. This may reset the system and allow the switch to function properly again.

Cover Removal

Under the car mat of your driver’s side is a panel that, when removed, grants access to the brake light switch. You will need a ratchet that fits the bolt. Once inside, you can check for erosion, burnt wires or build up that may cause it to stick.