Tips for Repairing Chipped and Broken Timber Windows Tips for Repairing Chipped and Broken Timber Windows

Good timber windows serve to liven up your interiors with an evergreen classic appeal. However, with time, the look of such windows becomes dull as wood has a tendency to wear out over years. Follow the few easy maintenance and repairing tips below to effectively repair and add spunk to your old timber windows all by yourself.

Tip 1: Regular Checks

Make it a point to regularly check your timber windows for cracks or rotting parts. Do not delay repairing them at the initial stages as with delay they can cause larger repairing costs. Additionally, if you have glass panes attached to timber frames, check if the glass sits firmly from time to time.

Tip 2: For Repairing a Cracked Frame

If your frame has become cracked in some places, purchase thin ply chips according to the width of the crack and insert it inside with wood putty. Now mix ample amount of adhesive with some amount of sawdust and seal the crack from outside. This will stick to the surface and then you can coat it with wood stain or paint.

Tip 3: For Repairing a Broken Frame

If your frame has become wobbly in any part, then detach the portion and order a wood plank of the same dimensions. Make the required angular cut in the new plank and glue it up to the existing parts of the frame. As a safety measure, drill holes at the joints and drive 1 gauge nails into them.

Tip 4: For Replacing Window Glass

If you notice any cracks in the glass, scrap off the putty with a knife to detach it. Purchase a new glass sheet of the same size as that of the damaged glass. Align it with the frame and carefully seal all over the sides with putty. Make sure that you do not apply too much pressure on the glass while working as it might cause the glass to break.

Tip 5: Painting

Sometimes varnishing or painting is the best way to get rid of the dullness of timber windows. Due to absorption of moisture, the wood becomes rotten and a fresh coat of paint not only saves on further damage, but also safeguards against major repairs.

Tip 6: For Loose Hinges

Sometimes the hinges of the timber windows become loose, which makes the window panes come down. To solve this problem, all you need to do is simply unscrew the old hinges using a screwdriver. Now insert the screws in the new hinges and tighten it against the frame. Your hinges are repaired and your windows have received a fresh lease of life again.

Tip 7: For Peeling the Wood Layers

Sometimes timber windows peel off the layers due to wear and tear. This problem can be solved by cutting out the peeling areas and gluing a fresh plywood sheet of the size to cover up the area. You could then stain the new ply and later paint it according to your taste.

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