Tips for Repairing Travertine Floor Tiles Tips for Repairing Travertine Floor Tiles

What You'll Need
Travertine fill
An orbital sander
A putty knife
Tile sealer
A cup

Travertine floor tiles can become damaged over time from wear and tear. You can quickly and easily repair damaged travertine floor tiles with the right tools and materials.

Step 1 – Inspecting Your Tiles

Inspect all of your travertine tiles for any signs of damage. If you are going to repair one spot, you can save time by checking for any other spots that you had not seen.

Step 2 – Applying the Travertine Fill

Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the travertine fill before you begin. In a cup, mix the fill powder with water until you have created a paste. Use your putty knife to apply the fill paste to the damaged tile. Allow the fill to dry completely.

Step 3 – Sanding the Fill

Use your orbital sander to smooth out the fill. Be sure to set the sander to the lowest speed. If you prefer you can hand sand the fill with fine sandpaper. Continue sanding until the tile is smooth and even.

Step 4 – Sealing the Tile

Apply a small amount of tile sealer to a cloth. Use the cloth to rub the sealer into the tile. Continue rubbing until the tile shines.

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