Tips for Replacing a Garage Door Threshold

What You'll Need
Garage door threshold kit
Industrial adhesive
Utility knife
Soap and water
Broom or brush
Working gloves

The garage door is constantly exposed to the elements like high temperature and rain, and the part of the door that often gives way first is the garage door threshold. The garage door threshold keeps the garage dry and clean as well as it prevents insect and other pests from entering inside the garage. Follow the simple tips below when repairing your damaged garage door threshold.

1. Remove the Battered Garage Door Threshold

Before you begin, make sure you put on a pair of working gloves. Use a scraper or a utility knife to carefully remove the old garage door. Make sure that you remove the entire damaged threshold so that you can easily work later.

2. Clean the Garage Door and Remove the Old Adhesives

Once the door and threshold have been removed, clean the surface of the garage door with a soap and water solution to remove the excess adhesives that have adhered on the surface. Use an abrasive cloth to remove the residual adhesive. Use a brush or a broom to remove the adhesives that remained on the edges of the door. This step is necessary because the new adhesive and threshold will not stick properly if there are remaining bits of adhesive sticking on it.

3. Install the Garage Door Threshold

Position the garage door threshold on the door according to the manufacturer’s directions. Use a pencil to make a mark on where to cut the garage door threshold. This is important so that you will know the desired length that is necessary to cut the garage door threshold. Also mark the location where you will set up the threshold seal using a pencil and a ruler to create a straight line.

4. Apply the Adhesive

Set the threshold aside and apply an industrial adhesive to the area where you will set it. Once the adhesive is applied, reposition the threshold seal into place, and then press it firmly so that the seal will firmly stick with the adhesive. Moreover, close the garage door to make sure that the garage door threshold sits centered tightly over the garage door.

Let the garage door threshold seal as well as the adhesive to dry. This will usually take more than 24 hours, so you need to make sure that nobody moves the garage door during this time. Moreover, it will also be advantageous if you do the replacement during the summer when you can expect no rain to disrupt the entire drying process. After 24 hours, check again if the adhesive has completely dried before you can drive over the threshold seal.