Tips for Replacing an Exterior Floor Threshold Tips for Replacing an Exterior Floor Threshold

A floor threshold is essentially a part of the home that transitions to another part of the home. A floor threshold is most commonly found in doorways but it can also be present where carpet meets hardwood or slate. An exterior floor threshold is slightly different as it not only serves as a transition space but also prevents incoming cold air. Replacing an exterior floor threshold can be tricky but the following article will provide some tips to make it easier.

Make Space

The doorway is a cramped area and so space is at a premium. The easiest way to remove or fix an exterior floor threshold is to remove the door from the frame. This is easily accomplished by removing the hinge from the frame.


Sometimes when a floor threshold is installed, it is done before molding is installed. This can sometimes mean that the molding has to be removed to access all of the screws or nails in the threshold. If not, you will not be able to properly remove the threshold.


Sometimes an exterior floor threshold is installed with nails, which makes removing them slightly more difficult. The threshold will need to be pried off. Use a small pry bar and insert it along the long side and apply leverage, moving the pry bar down the length.

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