Tips for Replacing an Insulated Glass Unit Tips for Replacing an Insulated Glass Unit

Replacing an insulated glass unit in a window is not as hard as you might think, provided that you follow the instructions of the IGU manufacturer and certain tips. You will definitely need to replace your glass unit if it gets foggy or breaks. Here are some tips you need to consider if you want to achieve a professional result in a hassle free way.

The Thickness of the Glass Unit

Thick glass reduces noise and increases heat efficiency, so you might be tempted to replace your existing glass unit with a thicker one, but think twice. You will need to measure the exact size and thickness of the glass unit and order a similar one. Do not buy a thicker one because you will face installation problems.

Use a Heat Gun

Wooden frames tend to crack when you remove the glass unit. Using a heat gun on the adhesive to soften it as much as possible before prying the glass out will help you avoid damaging the wood.

Removing Tempered Glass

When you remove tempered glass, you need to be extra careful because it might break into pieces if struck along the edges. On the other hand, if you are removing annealed glass, it might break creating sharp edges that are very dangerous. In any case you need to be careful not to break the removed insulated glass unit because you might get hurt.

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