Tips for Replacing Cabinet Legs

Replacing cabinet legs doesn't need to be a daunting task. With some simple tools and a little patience you can easily replace the legs on your cabinet. Here are some tips to help.

Leveling the Legs

Often times, the legs will not actually need to be replaced. A cabinet that is wobbly may just need some slight adjustments. Check the sliders on the feet. Ensure that all the hardware is tight and secure. If that doesn't solve the problem, consider adding furniture leg levelers instead of replacing the legs.

Replace All Legs

The best way to ensure the new cabinet legs match will be to simply replace all of the legs. Since cabinet legs are easy to make and inexpensive to purchase, it shouldn't be a huge setback.

Use a File Instead of a Saw

When you replace the legs, cut them all to the same size. If one happens to be a little longer than the rest, don't use a saw to shorten it. Chances are you will take too much off. Instead use a file. It requires a little more work, but it ensures that you only remove what is necessary.