Tips for Replacing Cedar Shake Roofing Tips for Replacing Cedar Shake Roofing

Replacing your cedar shake roofing is a serious business and you need to do this task methodically to avoid causing damage to your roof. To help you replace your cedar shake roofing, here are some useful tips:

Removing the Damaged Sections

You need to remove the damaged section of your roofing one by one and clear the area properly. To remove the damaged shakes, loosen up the cedar shakes located at the top of the damaged shakes to make it easier for you to get to the damaged shakes. Once the top portion of the damaged shakes is partly exposed, use a slater to remove the nails located at the top of the damaged shakes. Wiggle out the damaged shakes then get the area ready for the new cedar shake roofing.

Installing the new Cedar Shakes

To install the new shakes, drive nails through the upper potion of the shakes. Make sure that your nails are about one inch away from the upper edge of the shakes to prevent your materials from chipping or splitting. Use a nail gun for this task to prevent possible damage caused by the impact of hammering nails unto your roof. When installing new cedar shakes, you need to provide about 3/8 to 5/8 inches space in between the shakes to accommodate possible material expansion.

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