Tips for Replacing Metal Flashing in Your Chimney

The most common reason for needing to replace the metal flashing on your chimney is weather damage. Over time, rain can beat away at the metal flashing and cause a leak, which consequently will cause dampness within your home.

Remove Existing Flashing

You must remove the existing flashing, along with any other debris, such as old nails, caulk, etc., before installing new metal flashing to the area. This is to ensure that the place is clean before you start the replacement project.

Wear Safety Equipment

Safety is important. Remember to wear thick, heavy duty gloves, to protect your hands from the sharp edges on the metal flashing, and also wear safety glasses.

Use a Cricket

A cricket is a piece of metal that you secure at the base of the chimney.  It angles the flashing away from the chimney. Therefore, when it rains, the water is directed away from the chimney and down the roof, rather than sitting in a puddle at the base of the chimney.

Cutting the Flashing

The best tool for the job is tin snips. This material is too thick for a utility knife and too thin for a saw. You need to cut the metal flashing, so that it is the correct size for the job. Use the tin snips as though they are scissors, and cut along the line you will have measured previously.