Tips for Replacing Skylight Shades

Skylight shades that open allow a cool breeze to enter the house and provide sufficient ventilation in the summer. They help to release hot air from the room. A skylight shade that is cheap and poorly installed may not work appropriately to release hot air. It is a good thing to replace old, damaged or faulty skylights and install new ones. Here are some useful tips to consider when replacing the skylights.

Roof Slope

You should consider the slope of the roof when replacing and installing new skylight shades. Make sure the new installation is located far from roof structures, such as high parapet walls, chimneys and satellite dishes that may block sunlight.

Removing Shades

Prior to replacing the shades, you should remove the old shades. When removing shades, make sure you do not damage the roof tiles or shingles surrounding the skylight. Observe how the existing shades are fixed. Manufactures often use metal brackets, bolts and adhesive to fix the shades over the skylight, but the method depends on the type of material used for the shades. Always buy replacement roof shingles or tiles in case some of the roof tiles/shingles get damaged.

Motorized Shades

Consider replacing a fixed shade with a motorized shade that can be adjusted at any time of the day. With a motorized shade, you can increase or decrease the amount of light or air into the room.


Measure the skylight opening. Do not only take the horizontal measurements of the existing skylight, but you should also measure the vertical dimensions.