Tips for Rewiring a House Tips for Rewiring a House

What You'll Need
Wires and cables
Cutting tools
Safety eye wear
Ladder (to reach high spots)

Rewiring a house is a task in which some basic electric power knowledge is essential. It is not as difficult as it seems and you can save some money as well. You have some more work to do if the house is a newly built one, and not remodeled. But you will still save money and need to know some information about electricity.

Step 1 – Precautions Before Starting

Before you start working on the rewiring task or any other electric-based project, always take precautions for your safety. Make it a point to wear good-quality protective eye wear and always double check your work.

Step 2 – Turning Off the Electric Power

Never forget to turn off the electric power before starting work. Check the amperage of all your home appliances to select the appropriate size of the cables. Remember to inform your local power company and ask them for some guidelines.

Step 3 – Installing New Wires and Removing Old Ones

You need someone to assist you in the following steps of the rewiring project. Identify the number of lights, switches and power outlets in every circuit. In case the house is old, install the new wire through the old wire.

Climb in the attic to check the wire that comes from the breaker box to one of your desired locations. Knock above the power outlet to avoid cutting holes into the roof or wall. You will see the location of the outlet when you trace the cable. The wire will come out of the hole and down along the wall into the switch. Now put the light and leave only 7-8 inches of wire to work with in the breaker box. Cut and remove the old wires from the box.

Step 4 – Removing the Breaker Box and Changing The Wires

Tell your assistant to remove the breaker box, Pull out enough old wire to attach to the new wiring.  Make sure that the wire is loose. Now peel the insulation to about 3-5 inches and cut the black and white wires. You now have only the ground wires left. Loop them together and wrap them with electric tape at about 2 inches, to prevent them from moving. You can also install the power outlets now. Follow this same procedure on the other outlets and switches.

Step 5 – Finishing The Circuit and Hanging The Light

Fix the switches by putting the insulation back on the wires, but you must leave the black, white and ground wires exposed. Now fix the ground wire to the green-colored screw and the other wires to the other screws. When everything is in place, you can then install the new light.

Step 6 – Working On The Breaker Box

Make sure you have enough wire when you work on the breaker box. Connect the wire to the breaker and then do the same to the other rooms of the house.

Pay special attention and concentrate on the task at hand, especially if it concerns home repair involving electricity. Do not get distracted by other things and follow the guidelines cautiously. If you are careful enough, the rewiring job will be a success.

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