Tips for Safe Chimney Relining Tips for Safe Chimney Relining

As a novice do-it-yourselfer, you can complete the project of chimney relining, if you follow reliable instructions from those with experience in these types of installations. But regardless of whose advice you follow, you should always include considerations for safe relining.

Tip 1 – Compliance to Local and National Codes

Before beginning your relining project, be sure to check with codes you will be required to follow, both local and national, that will apply to your planned project.

Tip 2 – Follow Installation Instructions

For the installation of a support box or chimney cap, always follow installation instructions. If instructions are not included with your purchased material, download from the Internet any instructions you are able to find.

Tip 3 – Clean and Inspect Your Chimney

Be sure your chimney is cleaned and inspected, before beginning a chimney relining project. This should be done by a certified chimney sweep, helping to assure you of the reliability of your chimney's masonry and mortar.

Tip 4 – Chimneys for Wood Burning Appliances

Some installations for relining chimneys will require “0” clearance, between combustibles and masonry, such as in the case of wood burning appliances.  Be sure the liner you purchase and install complies with these requirements.


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