Tips for Sanding Chair Arms and Spindles

If you've been looking to repaint or refinish a piece of wooden furniture, you may need to familiarize yourself with how to sand wood chair arms and spindles. Below are the best tips to utilize when proceeding to sand these furniture parts.

Use a Low-Grit Sandpaper

Because wood chair arms and spindles tend to be fairly delicate and easy to scratch, you should use a low-grit sandpaper when you attempt to smooth them out. Something in the neighborhood of 100-grit paper should generally suit your purposes. Never use a regular power sander for this task.

Don't Apply Too Much Pressure When Sanding

When sanding wood chair arms and spindles, abstain from applying too much pressure. Wrap your sheet of low-grit sandpaper around the arm or spindle you wish to sand; then gently run it up and down the arm or spindle in careful vertical motions until the furniture part has been sufficiently sanded. Follow up by wiping the freshly sanded arm or spindle with a lightly dampened, nonabrasive washcloth in order to remove any dust or debris caused by the sanding.